Meet Ruth Sax. This documentary features Ruth’s Holocaust past and her life lessons for the future.

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Try To Remember Never Forget
“God created a such a beautiful world, only some people make it so miserable.”
– Ruth Sax

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The RUTH exhibit  is now virtual  and can be found on youtube. The RUTH exhibit was located at the Chula Vista Heritage Museum from 2020-2022.  Our goal is to take the exhibit and create a museum that includes all Holocaust survivors from San Diego County.   Photos, documents, and items from South Bay survivors are on display along with the Jewish communities of Chula Vista. This exhibit was the  first Holocaust exhibit throughout San Diego County. It has been recognized by the USC Shoah Foundation, Chula Vista Cultural Arts, Chula Vista Elementary School District, the City of Chula Vista, Southwestern College, San Diego County Arts and Culture, and Jewish organizations throughout San Diego.

Sandra is the recipient of the San Diego Teachers Academia Award. She was one of 4 recipients that won the Teacher Legend Award for Holocaust education. She received an Honorary degree from Southwestern College in May 2023. The Honorary degree is in recognition of her meritorious contributions to the community in education, human relations, performing visual arts, civil rights, equity, and inclusion. Sandra teaches the Holocaust sharing personal experiences based on her parents who were Holocaust survivors. Sandra has spoken to numerous rotary organizations, the military, elementary schools- colleges, ICE, border agents, libraries, and religious organizations throughout the nation. From personal talks to Zoom, there is no charge although expenses need to be paid when booking more than 100 miles from San Diego.